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Space Dust Adidas Messi 16+ PureAgility Dark Grey 2016-2017 Football Boots Sales

Lionel Messi, a true magician that leaves audiences across the globe spellbound - with his unreal tricks, deceiving twists and lethal finishes. No wonder he is often described as out of this world. Messi is maybe not from another planet, but he’s definitely a star. Now some cosmic dust has taken the intergalactic journey to the planet earth, in the form of the new Messi Space Dust collection from adidas. Your earthy opponents will be no match against your out of this world Space Dust boots.


Adidas Messi 2016 Boots is for the player that makes the impossible, possible. For the player that despies all critics and dominates the pitch with almost unnatural acceleration, agility and an unique style of play. The boots has been designed in cooperation with one of the best players of all time - so you can take advantage of groundbreaking technology. Allowing you do precise twist and turns, with and without the ball - creating the unexpected, leaving your opponents in the dust.


Part of the New Messi Space Dust collection ,the Adidas Messi 16+ PureAgility  Dark Grey boots now avialable at .